Easy Resolution of QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

Easy Resolution of QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

QuickBooks is an accounting financial tool which is used to keep an account of business transactions, income and expenses, employees remuneration, real time inventory management and tax filling functions. QuickBooks being an essential tool for managing finances in many businesses, occasionally encounters errors that can disrupt operations. One such problem arises when “QuickBooks unable to backup company file error”.

This article aims to give a comprehensive guide to effectively resolve these error and also you can get professional help from QuickBooks Error Support who with their impeccable services can assist your businesses in resorting the errors effectively.


Why QuickBooks is Unable to Backup File Error?

The QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error occurs when users try to create a backup of their company file. Many error codes can generated with the message, including QuickBooks Error 6xxx, unrecoverable errors, Error C=272, and Error C=343. Other errors include Error 3371 which could not initiate license property, Error H202 which refers to network issues in switch multi user mode in QuickBooks, Error 6123 which tells about lost company files in QuickBooks, and Error 1603 which show updation problems.

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Why Does the QuickBooks Backup Error Occur?


    • There are many factors which can contribute to the occuring of the QuickBooks backup error:

    • Company file is Damaged – Corrupted or damaged company file can not assist in backup process.

    • Name Length of File- Character s exceeding 65 in the company file name can cause errors.

    • Size of the File- If the file size is exceeding QuickBooks handling Capacity, it can cause errors in Backup.

These errors can be resolved through troubleshooting. But to still resolve them we need to follow some instructions. Let’s look at QuickBooks Backup error solutions:-

Solution 1: Using an External Hard Drive for Backup


    • Try to use an external hard drive which sometimes by overcome the issue of local drive problems.

    • First open the QuickBooks and go to file menu.

    • Now you have to select Save Backup or Copy.

    • Choose Backup copy and click Next.



    • Opt for Local backup and click Next.

    • Select Save and then choose the destination folder on the external drive.

    • Complete the process and check if the error persists.

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Solution 2: Company File Name Check

Follow the given instruction


    • One should ensure that company file name should not go beyond 65 characters. If do, follow the steps:

    • Set the location of company file in QuickBooks folder.

    • Check for the file which is causing error, right – click and select the rename.

    • Write a name less than 65 characters

    • Try to backup the file again.

Solution 3: Using verified and rebuild tools


    • To address data integration issues, QuickBooks have built in tools.

    • Go to Utilities menu of QuickBooks.



    • Now select rebuild data option and follow the promp

    • Select verify data from the same menu, after rebuilding.

    • When no issues occurs, try backup again.

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Solution 4: Relocation of the Company File

Relocating the file to different location can resolve backup problems.


    • Go to the location where you have stored company file.

    • Right click on the file and select copy option.

    • Paste thes copied file either on the desktop or some location where you can access the file.

    • Now open the QuickBooks and try to backup again the file.

By following these solutions we can resolved the QuickBooks company file problems, which helps to perform data integration and backup.

Additional Tips and Considerations

The additional steps you can take to ensure data backup other than this in QuickBooks:


    • Regular Updating the software: You need to ensure that QuickBooks is timely updated with the latest version available Updating the software includes removing patches, troubleshooting and debugging of problems occurred due to updation.

    • Using Data Cleanup tools: Timely cleaning up the data of the QuickBooks reduces the chances of encountering errors which was due to unnecessary data stored.

    • Seeking help from the experts: If you are not able to resolve the problem, hand on the problem to experts as they will take and resolve the problem easily. QuickBooks error solutions is one platform for all your solution to recover the files.


QuickBooks error management requires professional dealing and lot of expertise. For instance, managing the QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error can be which can be mess up. Though a systematic approach can be implemented to resolve the errors effectively. However sometimes DIY approach can’t be success so you need to seek to QuickBooks Support professional, they helps like With there tailored services and professional support, businesses can focus on growth rather than bogged by technical glitches. Do not hesitate to contact us through our live chat and dedicated helpline number: +1-844-926-4607.

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