How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code H303

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code H303?

In recent times, QuickBooks users have encountered many issues in the multi-user mode whenever multiple workstations are trying to establish connection with the server system. These errors comprise of QuickBooks Error H202, H303, H505 and other such errors. In this discussion, our focus shall be the absolute troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error H303. We shall also be going through the various causes that may lead to such errors.

So, continue reading till the end to get a thorough knowledge regarding fixing of Error H303.

QuickBooks Error H303

What causes contribute to QuickBooks Error H303?

There is a comprehensive list of factors that can result in QuickBooks multi user error H303. Some of these are listed below:


    • Another factor can be damaged Network files having .ND extension

    • The internet connectivity may not be smooth

    • Host configuration is not done properly

    • The DNS might be incorrectly set or there might be some mismatch in the port numbers.

    • Some kind of damage caused to the Company file might also be a possibility.

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How to identify QuickBooks Error H303?

Such a multi user error in QuickBooks can be recognized by the advent of the following events:


    • System experiences frequent lagging or crashing

    • Unable to host the Company file in the multi-user mode

    • QuickBooks shuts down all of a sudden when the multi user mode is being accessed.

Methods for solving QuickBooks Error code H303

You can implement the following methods for the effective resolution of QuickBooks Error H303. The methods are:

Method 1: Running QuickBooks File Doctor Tool


    • You first need to terminate all the background programs and then download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the Intuit website.



    • Get the program installed by double-clicking the downloaded file.

    • You can then run QuickBooks Tool Hub and after that go for the Company File Issues option.

    • From here, you need to Run QuickBooks File Doctor and then Browse for your Company file.



    • After making the choice of the Company file, you need to click on Next.

    • Wait for the process to end and again check with the multi user mode.

    • If still the error shows, go for the next method.

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Method 2: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Follow the below given points:


    • Initially run the QuickBooks Tool Hub and immediately go for the Network Issues tab.

    • You can subsequently go for the QuickBooks Database Server and initiate the option to Start Scan.



    • This tool shall automatically resolve firewall related issues.

Method 3: Stop and Restart Multi user configuration

Incorrect Host settings can also be a major reason behind QuickBooks Error code H303 when trying to open the multi user mode. The steps to get your host settings configured are:


    • Go for the launching of QuickBooks and then hit the File menu.

    • This should be followed by a click on Utilities and then a click on the option to Stop Hosting Multi User Configuration.



    • You should then restart the Hosting, by going to the File menu and clicking on Host Multi User Configuration option available in the Utilities section.

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Method 4: Making corrections in the Firewall settings

Incorrect Firewall configuration may also contribute to QuickBooks Error code H303. To get these sorted out, you need to perform some simple steps:


    • Your first step should be a click on the Control Panel and then you should open Windows Firewall settings.



    • The next step should be a click on the option to Allow a program through firewall

    • You simply need to add QuickBooks in the list of exceptions and then save the changes.

Method 5: Incorporating the correct ports in the Firewall settings

The steps are discussed in the following lines:


    • Go for the Start menu and after that hit on Windows Firewall.

    • Then, make a jump to the Advanced Options menu, followed by a click on New Rule.

    • Subsequent to that, you need to go for the Port option and choose “Next”.

    • Depending on the version of QuickBooks you are using, you need to incorporate the correct ports. The relevant ports are mentioned below for your reference:
      • For QuickBooks 2020: 8019, XXXXX
      • For QuickBooks 2019: 8019, XXXXX
      • For QuickBooks 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382


        • For QuickBooks 2017: 8019, 56728, 55373-55377

    • It is pertinent to note that XXXXX refers to the dynamic port number.

    • After typing in the port number, you are supposed to click on Next, and then choose the option to Allow the Connection. Then, hit Next again.

    • Now, go for marking of all the Profiles then choosing Next.

    • You then need to create a new rule namely QBPorts(year) and then hit on Finish once you are done.

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Method 6: Change the Company file’s location

Moving the Company file to another location can also resolve QuickBooks Error H303. The process involves:


    • Heading to the QuickBooks folder and then to the folder containing the Company files.

    • Here, you need to identify the Company file leading to Error code H303.

    • Then, simply right-click the file and copy it from the source location.

    • Now, you can go to your Desktop and paste the file there.

    • Next time when you open QuickBooks, you need to open this file copied on the Desktop.

    • This has fixed the QuickBooks multiuser error H303 in many cases.


This blog covered all the essential information crucial for troubleshooting QuickBooks Error H303. In instances of any queries or confusion, you can straightaway give our QuickBooks support experts a call at our dedicated helpline +1-844-926-4607, or as an alternative, you can also connect with us through the Live chat, always accessible on our website.

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