How to Download, Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub – Walkthrough to Download, Install and Use it to Fix Errors

QuickBooks Desktop has huddled a widespread recognition in the accounting community. This has been possible due to the unimaginable accounting features that have been evolving in the program with every new update. But technical issues also keep evolving due to the complicated framework of this accounting marvel. These issues can be associated with installation-related problems, potential data issues in the QuickBooks Desktop, or issues related to invoice. To keep these in check, Intuit offers a composite umbrella QuickBooks Tool Hub containing different types of features to fix technical errors.

Read the article all the way till the conclusion to get an understanding of the multifaceted functionalities of QuickBooks Tool Hub and the easy process to Download and Install this all-in-one tool.

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub?


QuickBooks Tool Hub is a free to use repository of different tools to address variegated errors encountered in QuickBooks. It can fix Company file errors, Installation errors, update errors, network issues and technical issues that lead to sudden crashing and glitches while working on the accounting program. It is an all-in-one tool to effectively resolve all your QuickBooks problems at the click of a button.  In addition to troubleshooting contemporary unsolvable issues, QuickBooks Tool Hub can also be used to Reset Password and Clean Install QuickBooks.

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Different Tools in QuickBooks Tool Hub

Some of the noteworthy tools of QuickBooks Tool Hub along with their description are listed in the table below:

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool  Troubleshoots Company files and fixes Potential data issues in QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool  Resolves Installation and update issues in QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Clean Install ToolUsed for uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks in case of some major irreparable issues
QuickBooks Password Reset Tool  Used to reset a lost password while logging in to QuickBooks
QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool  Rectified any Connection issues.
QuickBooks Refresher  Fixes issues with QuickBooks installation
PDF and Print Repair Tool  Troubleshoots Printing and PDF related issues
Condense Data Tool  Used for compressing the Company file to allow it to be shared over emails.

What types of errors can be fixed using QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Tool Hub can be effectively used for rectifying errors caused due to different sources. Users should feel no hesitation in resorting to this tool considering it to be rolled out by Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks. Recall any technical issue in QuickBooks and if manual steps seem futile, QuickBooks Tool Hub shall automatically diagnose and fix the issue permanently without you having to take any arduous measures. The different types of errors that can be fixed using the Tool Hub include:

QuickBooks Update errors

Updating QuickBooks is necessitated due to new features being added in every new update which rolls out. But users have noticed an array of technical error codes during the update process. These include

QuickBooks Error 12xxx – includes QuickBooks Error 12002, 12007, 12009, 12029, 12031, etc

QuickBooks Error code 15xxx – includes QuickBooks Error 15102, 15240, 15270, 15222, 15276, etc

Company File Issue

Company files constitute the cornerstone of all accounting operations in QuickBooks Desktop. Whatever modifications the user makes on the accounting ­­data are stored in the form of different Company files. There are instances when these files face technical issues that result in the user’s inability to access them. This can lead to a state of panic with an apprehension of potential data loss. But in such cases, you can either backup your Company file, or else, make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, one of ­the many tools available in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The errors in the Company file include the following:

  • QuickBooks Error 6xxx – including Error 6000, 6210, 6150, 6000 77, 6177, 6000 83, etc.
  • Unrecoverable error 00000 00000
  • Company File Is Missing or Cannot Be Found
  • QuickBooks Error code C=51
  • QuickBooks Error code 80070057 – The Parameter is incorrect

Network Issues


Network issues in QuickBooks are prominent when you try to establish QuickBooks In the multi-user mode or when connecting the financial institution through QuickBooks. The network issues in QuickBooks generally manifest in the form of Error code H101, H202, H505 and other errors in the Hxxx series. These can be fixed using the different troubleshooting tools available in the Network Issue tab in the left pane of the QB Tool Hub.

Misplaced or Forgotten Password


QuickBooks Tool Hub is also useful in situations wherein you forget your login password. This can evoke complicated panicking situation. However, Tool Hub has a solution for you. One of its tools, QuickBooks Password Reset Tool can be relied in such cases. The tool automatically facilitates resetting of the password to allow you to create a new one without having to resort to any unsecured third-party tools.

PDF or Printing Issues

Printer issues appear only when you process a printing command but the input fails to transpire as a successful printing output. Printer problems are in most cases related to software aberrations, although hardware problems cannot be ignored. If you are unable to print a PDF, report or invoice in QuickBooks, QB Tool Hub can diagnose and resolve the issues instantly. Within the Tool Hub, QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool needs to be run. It shall effectively rectify the issues at a click of a button.

Minimum System Requirements to run QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub demands minimalistic system requirements but failure to meet any of these requirements may lead to sudden crashing of the tool while opening or use of any of the troubleshooting features. The necessary requirements include Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity, Microsoft .NET Framework and latest compatible Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

How to Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub?

QuickBooks Tool Hub is available for free on the official website of Intuit. The download file is named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” which can then be run to ensure a successful installation of the Tool Hub.

  • The first step mandates opening the default browser from where you need to navigate to the Intuit website.
  • The Download page needs to be visited, wherein all the downloadable tools by Intuit are available. These include the Tool Hub, which can be downloaded by clicking on the version and then tapping on Download button.
  • You can then proceed to the Download folder, where the file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” should now be visible. This can be opened by double-clicking on it. We suggest opening the file as an admin by a right-click on the file, followed by a click on Run as Admin option. The InstallShield Wizard opens with instructions to guide you through with the installation process.
  • During the process, you should make sure to click on “Yes” on the “License Agreement” prompt. A hit on “No” shall immediately halt the installation and close the installer.
  • When it comes to the installation directory, the path chosen should be “C:\Program Files\Intuit\” as this is the default location of QuickBooks folder (If not manually changed). A tap on “Install Now” begins the installation.
  • QuickBooks Tool Hub can be launched soon after by a simple click on “Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub” checkbox.

Bypassing QuickBooksToolHub.exe blocked error

The download file for QuickBooks Tool Hub is “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”. This file needs to be opened for the initiation of the installation. Some users have been unable to move any further due to the blocking of the process by Windows Defender or any other Firewall Protection Program running in the background.

  • This problem can be bypassed by clicking on More Info option on the error screen.
  • This needs to follow up with a click on Run Anyway button.
  • This will enforce the installation process. You can then proceed with the installation.

We reach the conclusion of this discussion. This article revolved around QuickBooks Tool Hub and emphasized its features and some common QuickBooks errors solvable by the use of this tool. A detailed walkthrough with easy steps to “Download and Install QB Tool Hub” was also explained. You can share your queries with our QuickBooks experts anytime by reaching us through chat or the helpline number.

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