How to Resolve QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop Error

How to Resolve QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop Error?

QuickBooks is popular accounting software with distinct features to handle and perform certain required calculations on company data and keeps track record of ingoing and outgoing transactions, i.e., Cash flow. Sometimes due to unexpected problems the QuickBooks software goes into situations where the system asks for reboot your personal computer again and again. Due to this problem QuickBooks is restricted from installation and updating latest versions or features. Also, many tasks are left pending due to the continuous occurrence and time consuming because of the error message ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop Error‘. This problem is most common is QuickBooks 2023.

The article gives an overview of the QuickBooks Reboot Loop Error, where the system is forced to reboot the system repeatedly. Also, we will come across causes and solutions to the problem that occurred. The user is advised to follow the steps carefully and check all instructions.

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Reasons for QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop Error

The Reboot Loop Error pops up in QuickBooks when you try to use the software. Error obstructs you to work on QuickBooks which leads to delays, transactions can be recorded, loss of data and there are changes that the files get damaged. Let’s quickly look at the causes which has caused this error:

1: User Account Problems

The error occurs when Windows have not allowed all permissions to user accounts. This hampers QuickBooks to function properly.

2: Corrupted or Damaged Company File

The company file you are trying to access is corrupted or damaged, then the loop error related to ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot’ occurs. That’s why it is always recommended to scan the company files and repair them if damaged.

3: Another Software is Restricting

Sometimes we have some software in our PC systems which obstructs the path of installation of the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is not able to perform properly resulting in this error.

4: Corrupted Version of QuickBooks installation

The user has may downloaded the corrupted version of QuickBooks from an unofficial website and that has put the QuickBooks in the Reboot Loop Error.

5: Old Version of QuickBooks

The user might have not updated the latest version of QuickBooks and is using the old version of it. Due to the expired version, the ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot’ issue pops up.

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Pre-Requisites Steps to Fix QuickBooks that you Reboot Loop Error

When an error occurs, you can follow certain preliminary steps to overcome the problem. Some of these are listed below:

  • Check if you have downloaded latest version of QuickBooks software from official site Inuit.
  • The QuickBooks Reboot Error you are facing on the version you are currently working can be restrained.
  • Rename ND and TLG files by adding suffix as .old.
  • Check if you have turned off hosting settings on your PC.
  • Try troubleshooting steps on the QuickBooks software on your Desktop.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Requires That You Reboot Loop Error

The following are the methods given to resolve the Reboot Loop Error:

Method 1: Upgrade QuickBooks to Latest Version

For this method you need to upgrade the latest version of QuickBooks 2024. To do so, follow the necessary steps:

  • Click on Update Now and proceed according to the instructions appearing on the screen of QuickBooks to update.

Method 2: Try Rebooting the Computer System

Sometimes you need to reboot your PC, where you want to install QuickBooks. The user needs to stop all the ongoing tasks and programs and reboot the computer system.

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Method 3: Use Install Diagnostic Tool to fix Reboot Loop Error

You need to Download and Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix the ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop Error and follow the essential instructions that displays on your screen to process the repair.

Method 4: Again, download and install QuickBooks

Sometimes the user needs to Delete the current QuickBooks version and download the new one. For this follow the steps:

  • Go to Control Panel from start, then uninstall QuickBooks.
  • From the official Inuit website, download the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Download and install the new QuickBooks.

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Method 5: Search for Conflicting Software

You need to find the conflicting software which is not allowing QuickBooks to function. For example, software like antivirus software, firewall, Windows Defender wall, etc are obstructing the path and leads QuickBooks to reboot repeatedly.

Method 6: Restore and fix Company files

  • Open QuickBooks> file menu.
  • Click on Utilities > select ‘Verify Data’ or ‘ Rebuild Data’, whatever the case maybe.
  • Follow the steps for selected option appearing on the computer screen.

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Method 7: Create new Windows account

When your user account is not valid or does not contain full permissions to access the QuickBooks or the account is outdated, then also QuickBooks Reboot Loop Error occurs on the screen. To avoid this, try to make a new account of Windows and check if the issue gets fixed.

Method 8: Implement QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

Sometimes when some other program is running it may disrupt the QuickBooks operations to be implemented. We can use Selective Startup mode for this purpose, here are some steps:

  • Press Windows+R. It will open the Run window.
  • Type in the window msconfig.
  • Click OK to open the System Configuration Window.
  • Go to General tab > Selective Startup mode option.
  • Click on Disable all and uncheck the ‘hide all Microsoft Services’ option.
  • Select the Windows Installer checkbox from the services.
  • Click the OK button.
  • At last, restart and reboot the system. Try to open QuickBooks and install the update, when done switch back to Normal mode.

To switch back to normal mode:

  • Press Windows+R. It will open the Run window.
  • Type in the window msconfig and open System Configuration.
  • From General tab, select normal startup mode.
  • Click on the OK button and click on restart to reboot your PC.

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Method 9: Use Quick Fix My Program

You can use Quick Fix My Program to resolve the ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot’ Loop Error. Follow the steps:

  • Close QuickBooks software and update QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • In the tool hub window, under ‘Program Problems’ tab > select Quick Fix My Program button.
  • Run QuickBooks and try to open data files.
  • Finally, reboot the system.

Method 10: Retrieve Company File from different Location

  • To open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows+E.
  • Search for the file with extension .QBW.
  • For the Network server file, you must check in Network Drive.
  • When you get the file, right click to copy the file.
  • First create a new folder named : QBTest and paste it in the folder.
  • Open QuickBooks and along with it hold the CTRL button on keyboard.
  • Now access or retrieve the company files.

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Method 11: Change the name of ND and TLG files


ND(Network Data) and TLG(Transaction Log) files are the essential components required to run QuickBooks application. The user needs to check if the files are corrupted or damaged. If they are ‘QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot’ Loop Error occurs. The solution to fix the files is to rename them using .old at the end of the file names. It will recreate the ND and TLG files. Make sure the newly recreated files are only being accessed then the damaged ones, while you are installing QuickBooks.

Method 12: Modify Temporary Folder Permissions

When the file permissions while performing an update is limited, then also QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop error occurs. To resolve this, follow the steps:

  • Press the Windows key and type ‘%temp%’ in the search box.
  • When temp folder opens, right click and select properties from drop down menu.
  • Under Windows Username, click on the checkbox for full access. Click on allow button.
  • When the next prompts pops, twice click on OK button.
  • After completing, again install QuickBooks, run and check if the issue occurs again.


The article provides us the information regarding how you can Fix QuickBooks Requires that you Reboot Loop error. We also came across the causes which are responsible for this error such as corrupted files, outdated version, problem with windows account, etc. Also, we get to know the solution for the problem such as repairing files, renaming them, updating, etc. The user reading this manual can get to know about this Reboot Loop error.

If still you are not able to resolve this Error, then you may seek QuickBooks support advice. You can contact through helpline number +1-844-926-4607.

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