How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working or Won’t Open Error

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks File Doctor Not Working or Won’t Open Error?

QuickBooks is one of the most beneficial applications to aid business entities in handling their financial operations. However, working on technical difficulties like the QuickBooks File Doctor not working, or won’t open error, can hamper productivity. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the causes of this particular problem, talk about the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, the kinds of errors that the tool can identify and solve, the drawbacks of the QuickBooks File Doctor, as well as its efficient usage to solve the current problem.

It is time to fix QuickBooks File Doctor not working to avoid future complications and to make the program run without problems. 

Download QuickBooks File Doctor

To request QuickBooks File Doctor or to obtain it, you can use the QuickBooks Tool Hub to download this application. 

Here is the download link for QuickBooks File Doctor: [

Even more, the tool may contain newer versions of QuickBooks, with which the user’s software may not be compatible. 

It is also worthwhile to view the errors that can be solved with QuickBooks File Doctor since you may well be able to fix them on your own if you attempt to work out the potential problems that can be solved with the tool. 

QuickBooks File Doctor is capable of addressing a range of errors and issues, including:

  • QuickBooks Error -6150 
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -77 
  • QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -305 
  • QuickBooks Error: -6000 -301 
  • QuickBooks Error -6147 
  • QuickBooks Error -6130 
  • QuickBooks Error code involve with H – (Error H101, Error H202, Error H303 and Error H505). 
  • Vendor or customer list, or list of employees who were recorded to have made transactions with the company but whose records are not retrievable from the company file.

 Drawbacks to Be Aware of for QuickBooks File Doctor 

  While QuickBooks File Doctor is a valuable tool, there are certain limitations to be mindful of:

  • The tool has to be run with the Administrator credentials 
  • Files in the specific Company that are larger than 2 GB cannot be processed. 
  • Microsoft. NET Framework needs to be installed for this tool as it will be used for its proper functioning. 

Ways to fix QuickBooks File Doctor that is not working

 The QuickBooks File Doctor may encounter issues due to various reasons, including: 

  •  Trying to open the files which are either in a wrong format or are partially downloaded 
  •  Incomplete file restoration attempts that are made by the system or a user. 
  •  Lack of some QuickBooks file 
  •  Problems that occur when converting a file in a network 
  •  Infectious or affected files(response 5)

How to Fix Issues with QuickBooks File Doctor not working or won’t open Error

If you are facing the error message “File Doctor is not working” or “QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open,” here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  •  Before the process it is advisable to check that the QuickBooks File Doctor you are using is the current version and if not, update it. 
  •  Scan for any corrupted QuickBooks files which are causing page not to work correctly. 
  •  Check that all QuickBooks needed files are available. 
  •  It is recommended to have a stable internet connection before starting the usage of the tool. 
  •  Ensure that the tool is executed with administrative rights. 

This way, if followed correctly, you are capable of handling and solving the QuickBooks File Doctor problems promptly, and continue with fewer interruptions within QuickBooks. Just bear in mind, that going over the potential issues in advance may help you avoid many problems and save the valuable time for your work. 

Solutions if QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working or Won’t Open 

 Any issues that may arise with the use of QuickBooks File Doctor should be resolved swiftly so that the affairs in QuickBooks do not grind to a halt. The following are comprehensive procedures to handle the QuickBooks File Doctor not working or won’t open problem. 

Solution 1: Open up QuickBooks File Doctor in a Manual Check fashion 

At other time, it might be helpful to launch the QuickBooks File Doctor through QuickBooks’ utilities – there might be specific problems that the File Doctor can detect and resolve on its own. Follow these steps: 

  • Open QuickBooks and make a confirm with the fact that ‘No Company Open’ is displayed to you. 
  • Go in the menu to [File] > [Utilities] > ‘Fix file and network issues’. 
  •  Proceed to open QuickBooks File Doctor after that right-click on it to make selections depending on the Windows version being used, and select run as an administrator, when a dialog box pops up click on OK. 
  •  In the case of the appearance of a dialog box, click on Yes. 
  •  To open QuickBooks File Doctor application, you will need to click the wrench icon. 
  •  Sign out after that other than the file you want to repair will be repaired with the new login that it has. 
  •  Under the Advance Options check mark ‘File Diagnosis Only’ and then click on the Next button. 
  •  Initiated by the system, open your file and look for a problem or perhaps a repair that needs to be made. 
  •   Should this not work, go to the next remedial process to ensure that the problem is solved.

Solution 2: How to Recover a Damaged QuickBooks Database 

In cases where the QuickBooks file doctor is failing due to a corrupted file, restoring backups can be a viable solution:

  • Retrieve all copies with the lost contents that are in a damaged file to replace the affected file. 
  • Locate the QuickBooks company file you want to add the account to open it
  •  Navigate to ‘Open or Restore a backup copy’. 
  •  Select the Next button to proceed and select the option labelled as Local Backup. 
  •  Navigate and choose where the backup file should be created with the “. QBB extension”. 
  •  Yep, go for Open, and then Next. 
  •  Once you have decided the location you wish to restore your files click the Save button to conclude the restoration process. 

Solution 3: Go to Auto Data Recovery Option 

Utilize the Auto Data Recovery (ADR) feature within QuickBooks for automated file examination and recovery:

It reports to ADR and reviews files occasionally for possible anomalies or data errors helpful in data retrievals. 

That’s it

It is necessary to treat QuickBooks File Doctor errors as a signal to solve the problem right away in order to avoid interruption of the company’s work. Subsequently, by observing the given processes and consulting a professional in case of any difficulties, you will be able to optimize the peculiarities of QuickBooks working.

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