How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code H101

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code H101?

QuickBooks error H101 is primarily a network related error that occurs when QuickBooks Desktop tries to switch in multiuser mode but due to network error it cannot connect to the server where the file is been requested. It is a specific error which usually indicates that multi-user hosting setup connection is not established properly or there is a problem in the network settings. QuickBooks Error H101 is one of the H series errors, other H series error are H101, H202, H303, and H505.

H series errors in QuickBooks refers to error which are occurred due to hosting problems. QuickBooks multi-user mode allows more than one user to access the same Company File at one time, to help make collaboration much easier in a business setting. For example, for a Business with lots of departments like accounting, sales, inventories etc. Further in this article we will go through the causes of errors, symptoms and how to resolve them.

What Causes QuickBooks Errors H101?

Hosting Configuration is Incorrect

The most common cause of QuickBooks Error H101 is incorrect configuration settings. In the multi-user environment, only the server computer should be able to set host to multi-user mode. If the workstations are set to host, it will hinder, leading to Error H101.

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Firewall Blocking Communication

Security software and Firewalls play a critical role in protecting the network, however, sometimes they may block the communication required for QuickBooks to function properly in multi-user mode. If the QuickBooks ports or executable files are blocked, the software will not be able to connect to the server, thus causing error.

Setting problems in DNS

Here the QuickBooks Error H101 occurs when DNS (Domain Name System) settings are incorrect or misconfigured. Because of this, efficiency of workstations gets obstructed, and the functioning of network services are not as smooth as required.

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QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMgrN) is encountering issue


QuickBooks Database Server Manager is an essential service which allows  QuickBooks to access the company file which is stored on server. QuickBooks won’t switch to multi-user mode if the service is not configured or ran correctly.

Damaged or Missing .ND Files

In QuickBooks, .ND (Network Data) files are important to access company files over a network. These files facilitate multi-user mode by allowing the software to communicate with the server itself. If the .ND files are corrupted or missing , QuickBooks cannot establish a connection, hence Error H101 occurred.

Services are not started

QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX and QBCF is not implemented.

IP Address is not reachable

Due to the computer is not able to ping the host computer means IP Address is not reachable. There is no connection between the host and user computer, this, results in Error H101.

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Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H101

When the QuickBooks Error H101 occurs, we may experience several system symptoms which results in degradation of QuickBooks system performance. Additionally, users may experience themselves unable to open the company file which is stored on another computer as network issue is there, so there is further disrupts in workflow and productivity of the businesses. By identifying these symptoms early, users can take necessary steps to troubleshoot and rectify the error accurately.

 Let’s look at some symptoms of QuickBooks Error H101:

  • If the users are trying to switch to QuickBooks to multi-user mode, they may encounter an error message preventing the transit.
  • The QuickBooks displays an error message which states “This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.”
  • QuickBooks may crash frequently, which results in disruption of workflow of the businesses.
  • The QuickBooks software may run slower than usual working. This impacts the productivity of work.

Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks Error H101

Addressing QuickBooks Error H101 includes series of targeted solutions which is design to rectify network and configuration issues. This error prevents software from entering multi-user mode. The solution for Error H101 is to ensure that QuickBooks can communicate across the networks, thus restoring multi-user mode functionality. By following these solutions users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the Error H101, minimizing disruptions and maintaining efficient workflow. Let’s quickly grasp the solutions:

Solution 1: Updating the QuickBooks to latest version

  • First you need to ensure that the QuickBooks are updated to the latest version.
  • For this, you need to go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on Update Now and then select Get Updates.
  • By editing the host file we can resolve connectivity issues. Navigate the path to ‘ C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc’.
  • Open the host file with Notepad as administrator and add IP address and server name at the bottom of the file (for example, SERVER01’).
  • At end Save and close the file.

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Solution 2: Verifying Hosting settings

  • Make sure that only server is set to host multi-user mode.
  • Next step, open QuickBooks on each workstation, navigate to File > Utilities,
  • Ensure that Stop Hosting Multi-user Access is not selected on any workstation, only server should host multi-user mode.

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks File Doctor tool

  • Open and Select Company File issues.
  • Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Scan and repair any issues, especially Error H101.

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Solution 4: Check Services

  • On server, check the QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitorService are running.
  • Now open run dialog box by pressing Windows+R
  • And then type services.msc. Press enter key.
  • Make sure that services are turned automatic. Start if they are not running. 

Solution 5: Configure firewall settings

  • Properly configured firewall as it can prevent from blocking QuickBooks.
  • Open control panel.
  • Go to System and security> windows firewall.
  • Click on advanced settings .
  • Create inbound and outbound  rules for QuickBooks port(8019,  56728, 55378-55382) and executable files (QBDBMgrN.exe, QBW32.exe, QBupdate.exe and QBDBMgr.exe).

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Solution 6: Ping the Server

For checking network connection, open command prompt on each work station and type ping [your server name] for example, ping SERVER 01. Successful response shows good connection whereas as bad response, bad connection.

At last, We conclude that QuickBooks Error H101 is a network issue which requires proper configuring of files and verifying network settings which ensures server hosting company file is set up correctly. By following these steps we can troubleshoot and resolve the errors, ensuring QuickBooks switches to multi-user mode. You can refer to for further information or you can connect through helpline number +1-844-926-4607.

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