What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 and How to Fix it

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 and How to Fix it?

When a user is not able to update the QuickBooks Payroll software, then the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 is generated by the system. In this type of  error, system won’t able to take any new updates of the software due to security or firewall. They obstruct the path for installation of updates and thus, data won’t get updated in the system. For a working organization, it’s a loss as data won’t get updated the invoice data, clients information, sale and purchases, and employees data won’t get validated in the payroll system of QuickBooks.

Hence, functioning of the business gets interrupted. When you try to make an update, a warning message appears on the screen, showing the message for non- updation of payroll and the tax tables. The error is not because of disruption in company files in this case but a human error or some sort of technical problem. It’s important to resolve the problem as early so business operations won’t get hampered.

This article gives a view of Payroll Error PS058 , with the useful insights for users how to recognize this error on your system, why it is interrupting your task performed and how can you solve.

Before you work with QuickBooks Payroll software always ensure you first do these things to avoid Error:

  • Update QuickBooks software as well as Payroll updates from the Inuit website.
  • Always Scan the QuickBooks files to ensure they are secured and not harmed or damaged.
  • Repair or replace the files which are not working.
  • Tax table should be updated regularly according to tax regulations.
  • Always see if the subscription of your QuickBooks is active.
  • Use the account which contains your business and payroll information, if you have multiple accounts switch to prior. Also ensure you are valid user.
  • While updating QuickBooks, turn off user account settings and firewall settings.
  • Make sure you enter active service key correctly and the data .
  • Always check if the Employee Identification Number (EIN) is active and entered the series correctly.
  • When you download QuickBooks software always check for specifications.

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Behaviour of the software and the system when Error PS058 occurs:-

Whenever an error occurs a system, shows some signs by interrupting system performance or not able to load up anything. Let’s look at the points of symptoms-

  • Slow performance.
  • Frequently crashing of the system.
  • Files stored are damaged.
  • Updation of QuickBooks Payroll doesn’t take place.
  • Tax tables are not updated.
  • You can’t validate information in company account.
  • User is not able to access the database.
  • An error message is displayed when you try to install, update or download.

Reasons behind the symptoms caused by QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058

As the user notices that there are symptoms mentioned above, and also, the error message of PS058 is displayed on the screen, while you are downloading or installing QuickBooks Payroll service and tax table. You should know the root of the problem where it has raised from. Let’s look at one reasons:-

  • System is not updated according to latest version.
  • Subscription is invalid.
  • Firewall settings acts as a barrier for updation process.
  • Files stored in Windows Explorer are corrupted or damaged.
  • The local drive of computer doesn’t have the QuickBooks Company File.
  • Service key of the QuickBooks Payroll product is invalid
  • You are using multiple accounts on single QuickBooks Desktop.

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Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS058

First: Re-download the payroll Update.

  • Go to Payroll server and download the update again.
  • Move to help menu > select employees > click on Get Payroll Updates.
  • See the Download Entire Update Checkbox.
  • Select Download Latest Updates.

Second: Check for QuickBooks updates as well as Payroll updates from the QuickBooks’ Intuit website.

  • First go to Intuit official website
  • And login as registered user
  • Then check for latest version to update.

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Third: Download latest QuickBooks update files.

  • Check internet connection is stable.
  • Download qbwebpatch.exe patch file and save the file where you have QuickBooks folder on your pc
  • Complete installation, then update tax table from Drive.

Fourth: Check if the company file has error

  • Press CTRL+2 or F3 keys on product info windows. Open Tech Help Window and then select open the files.
  • For search, press CTRL+F.
  • Type the error and press enter.
  • Check what error code is there and perform resolving steps.
  • If no errors, move next.

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Fifth: Using RegCure

  • On start type Task Manager, to open the windows of task manager.
  • On the list of programs check for qbupdate.exe or qbdagent.exe.
  • If they are running, close them.
  • Type reboot.bat in research window and double click on file. DOS TYPE SHELL will open .
  • After closed, restart the computer and download Payroll Updates.

Sixth: Run the reboot.bat File

  • Go to task manager and under processes tab , search QuickBooks and Processes related to it.
  • End all the programs related to QuickBooks one by one.
  • Open the start button and type reboot.bat .
  • Press enter, run the file and close it when it is over.
  • Restart your computer and download the updates.

Let’s conclude

From the above article we have seen what is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 and what are the reasons for its occurrence. As we have discussed the causes and what all we can do to resolve the errors, user can follow step by step instructions to the complete guide. If then also after taking precautions and resolving methods, user is not able to update the Payroll service he can contact to the QuickBooks error support at +1-844-926 -4607. They with their expertise and knowledge will help you out from the Error  PS058.

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