How to Fix IIF Import Error in QuickBooks Desktop

Methodologies to Resolve IIF Import Error in QuickBooks Desktop

A major chunk of QuickBooks users are facing technical errors of different types. One recent entrant in the list of errors is the IIF import error. IIF stands for Intuit Interchange Format and these QuickBooks files are relevant when you try to import or export the list of transactions. These files make the import and export of transactions much easier. In this context, IIF Import kit helps to make the process of import and export way more seamless. Many users have faced IIF Import Error in QuickBooks Desktop.

This article shall prove to be a respite for users who are facing the issue. Read the walkthrough all to the end to fix IIF Import error in QuickBooks Desktop.


What is the Intuit Interchange Formal (IIF) Import kit?

For importing bulk data, Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) Import kit can be used as an effective tool. This tool can be downloaded and installed from Intuit. As a test, you can try to import a sample file to import QuickBooks Transactions. IIF Kit comes with IIF Import Manual, IIF Example files, IIF Header help.

  • IIF Import Manual elucidates .iif issues and the variegated rectification steps.
  • IIF Example Files come in the form of the folder containing certain .iif transaction samples.
  • In the IIF Header Help, column headings are employed to import list data to QB Desktop.

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Procedure for downloading and Installing IIF Import Kit

Walkthrough for the downloading and Installing the Intuit Interchange Format is discussed in a lucid way below for your easy understanding.

  • At the initiation, you should go to Intuit website and from there, IIF Import kit can be easily downloaded and installed.
  • When the downloading is done, you can use some extractor tool like the Winzip extractor for the extraction process. Extract all the downloaded contents to a separate folder to avoid confusion and then install the same.
  • You can then, access folder containing the IIF Import kit and from there different contents like the IIF import manual, IIF Example Files and IIF Header Help can be found.

Lists that can be Imported to QuickBooks Desktop

The lists that can be imported to QuickBooks are encapsulated in the following table:

Vendor typesItems  Import Chart of Accounts  
Employees Classes  Sales tax codes Price level    Payment terms  
Customers and Customer: jobs  Customer messages  Customer and job types  
Budgets  QuickBooks Import Inventory  Import Sales Receipt  
Import Invoices into QuickBooks  Shipping methods   

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Walkthrough for Troubleshooting IIF Import Error in QuickBooks Desktop

IIF Import Error in QuickBooks has been reported by many users in recent time. This error can be quite easily fixed by sticking to the following set of steps:

  • The first step requires launching QuickBooks as admin and following that, making a switch to the Single user mode.
  • This should follow with a click on the File tab from where the Utilities option needs to be chosen.
  • This should follow with a click on the Import option and then you can click on Import IIF files.
  • This requires clicking on Browse, then choosing the file for Importing.
  • When the correct file has been successfully chosen, you subsequently require making a choice for the option “Import it for me. I’ll fix it later”.
  • When that choice is made, click on Ok.

Process to Import Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Importing of transactions in QB Desktop involves no complicacy, but is rather a very easy process. The steps to get your transactions imported to QuickBooks Desktop are:

  • The Company file needs to be first signed with Administrator account and when QuickBooks is already running, go for the File menu, and after that go for switching to Single-User Mode option.
  • Now, the backup of the Company file needs to be taken.
  • When the backup is successfully created, this should immediately follow with the File tab, and then Utilities, & finally the Import option.
  • You can now click on the option to “Import IIF Files”, and then choose the IIF file to import.
  • The final step is to start the Import process.

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The main objective of this article is to apprise readers of Intuit Interchange Formal (IIF) Import kit and also to get rid of IIF Import Error in QuickBooks Desktop which has been encountered by many users in recent times.

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