Comprehensive guide to transfer data to QuickBooks online using Dataswitcher

Getting your Financial Records Transferred to QuickBooks Online using Dataswitcher

Comprehensive guide to transfer data to QuickBooks online using Dataswitcher.

In recent months, large stream of businesses and individual players have been making a shift to QuickBooks Online due to different reasons. One major reason is the recent update launched by Intuit regarding its decision to discontinue new updates for QuickBooks Desktop and other specific QuickBooks products. In addition, QuickBooks Online is way more easy to use and offers a plethora of features to streamline you accounting operations. This shift to QuickBooks Online is possible using the QuickBooks Migration Tool.

However, it suffers from several shortcomings on account of which Intuit rolled out a new wondrous Data Migration Tool called the Dataswitcher. This tool has made data migration to QuickBooks Online an uncomplicated process requiring no technical proficiency. It has beyond any doubt made the process of transfer of data to QuickBooks Online extremely quick and easy.

transfer data to quickbooks online using dataswitcher

Streamlining Accountancy using Dataswitcher

Dataswitcher tool provides a fillip to the data migration process to QuickBooks Online. This tool has made the migration process effortless, uncomplicated and efficient. This tool allows to quickly make a shift to QuickBooks Online and you can leverage the advanced features offered by this easy-to-use accounting program.

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Why Transfer Data to QuickBooks Online using Dataswitcher?

Dataswitcher offers a bunch of advantages for its users that facilitate in streamlining the data migration process to QuickBooks Online. These include the following:

Comprehensive review of your financial data

Dataswitcher can be utilized for getting a comprehensive insight into your company’s financial records. It allows you to choose and get your data filtered in accordance to the report type. You can also get an overview of your historical transactions and balances. This data can be utilized for accurate analysis of your financial records and allows for making wise business decisions accordingly. It also allows for predicting future results.

Effortless Transfer of data

Dataswitcher has made transfer of financial data to QuickBooks Online an easy and instant process entirely aided by automation. Thanks to this impeccable tool, there is absolutely no need for manual transfer of any of your financial data. This too can be used for transferring data from QuickBooks Desktop as well as other accounting programs like Sage 50.

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Enhanced Workflow efficiency                          

With the help of Dataswitcher, you can migrate most of your data (up to 90%) to QuickBooks Online in less than 13 minutes. All the conversions are ensured in 48 hours. This time can be utilized in strategizing other accounting operations to avoid any delay in work submissions.

Walkthrough to transfer data to QuickBooks Online                            

You can follow the simplified steps below for transferring your data to QuickBooks Online:

Step 1: Signing up for the appropriate QuickBooks plan

You should do the necessary introspection and viability checks before arriving at the best QuickBooks plan. You should consider your company size, nature of industry and the requirements.

Step 2: Preparation of Financial records of the company

You should keep all your financial records ready for migration to QuickBooks Online. Before finalizing and making a move for the migration process, make sure to double-check if all the financial records are ready.

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Step 3: Backing up of your data

Before initiating your transfer, you should ensure that all your financial data is backed up. Make sure to secure the same in an external hard-disc or USB device to prevent any incident of data loss.

Step 4: Get your bank accounts and sales tax reconciled

You should ensure that all your Company accounts, including the bank and credit card accounts are reconciled to the most recent statement. This will only help you in future for preparation of the reconciliation after the conversion is done. You should also consider filing your sales tax returns for the quarter in order to save some time after the conversion process. 

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Step 5: Using the Self Serve tool

Self serve tool can be used for switching the data from the present accounting program to QuickBooks Online. The Self-serve tool can be used for transferring data from software including QuickBooks Desktop, Excel/CSV and Sage 50 Accounting to QuickBooks Online.


Dataswitcher tool is undoubtedly a marvelous data migration tool which can be used for effortless migration of your accounting records from different programs to QuickBooks Online. These programs include QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 50 and Excel or CSV. If you want assistance for using this tool, you can connect with our QuickBooks experts at the helpline +1-844-926-4607. Or else, you can get connected with our team at the email id: or otherwise you can also reach us via the live chat option.

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