How To Resolve QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly

How To Resolve QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly?

Facing issue “QuickBooks Migration failed unexpectedly”? Learn the solutions to fix it.

QuickBooks, a popular accounting management tool for businesses of all types whether on small or large scale, is promising software which provides all business accounting related tools. These tools include payroll, sales and purchase record, bill receivables and payables, expenditures, incomes, recording invoices related transactions, monetary transactions, assets, liabilities etc.

QuickBooks always release updated versions and essential features related updates. Sometimes when you do upgrades your QuickBooks version, the user needs to migrate the files from old version to new version. While we are doing this process, user may encounter the problem of ‘QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly.’  It is an error caused while moving information from old QuickBooks to another. The article gives a solution to how you can Fix Migration failed unexpectedly error.

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Causes Of QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly

Let’s see the causes behind the Migration Failed Unexpectedly:

  • File Size is large-Due to the file of large size, there is problem in transferring from one version to another and that’s why the error related to Migration Failed Unexpectedly occurs.
  • Limited Permission-  When you are not granted full permissions while transferring files from one version to another of QuickBooks, it also can cause error. Due to permissions not fully granted some files access to migrate are not allowed.
  • Old QuickBooks Version- If the version of QuickBooks is expired, then also error related to migrating data occurs. 
  • Network Problems- If your internet connection frequently interrupts or loses connection then also migration of data failure occurs.

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Solution To Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly

To resolve the problem of migration failure in QuickBooks, lets look at some useful solutions to fix it, here they are:

Solution 1: Look for Internet Connection

Always see if your internet connection is stable before you migrate your files from one QuickBooks to another. Prefer to use a high-speed LAN Wi-Fi connection to proceed with the migration. If still you are encountering internet connectivity, try to troubleshoot from Network and Sharing center in Control Panel, else check the router or your modem. If you are using ethernet connection, always make the wires check for any faults.

Solution 2: Scan company files

For this step, you need to scan the files and folders of QuickBooks which you want to migrate. Either you can use an antivirus software to scan specific files, or you can use Window+R, from start of windows. You will get the files which are corrupted or damaged.


Let’s see some steps when this problem encounters:

  1. You need to download QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from Inuit website and install the following.
  2. Run it to diagnose company files.
  3. The tool will repair the damaged and corrupted company files of QuickBooks.

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Solution 3: QuickBooks must be updated

It is important to update latest version of QuickBooks from official website. This is because most of the times error occur due to non- updating of the latest version of the software, as it is not able to possess or be compatible with the requirements. Follow the steps to update:

  1. Go to QuickBooks > Help.
  2. Click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Follow the instructions for download of latest version and installation of QuickBooks.

Solution 4: Check permissions while transferring

Sometimes errors occur due to you not having valid permissions from the administrator to transfer the data from one QuickBooks to another. If you are the user and such situation occurs, Contact QuickBooks administrator for the purpose. He will grant you access to migrate your data from one QuickBooks to another.

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Solution 5: Create segments of company files

When the file is large and QuickBooks is generating error for migration failed unexpectedly, try to divide the files into different segments or smaller batches. By making smaller files, the migration process becomes seamless, with no interruptions.


At last, we came across all the causes and steps to resolve the problem of QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly. We came across reasons which not able to let us transfer the data files from one QuickBooks to another such as expired QuickBooks version, Corrupted files, bad connections, file size is large, etc. Also, we got remedial steps for Window 11 and above to resolve the issue by taking essential steps, for example, segmentation of files, internet stability, permission access, upgradation of QuickBooks, etc. So, the user with these steps can Fix this error.

If you are still not able to solve the issue then you need to contact QuickBooks Support by dialing the helpline number +1-844-926-4607.

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