5 Easy Methods to Solve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

How to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036?

When a user is unable to update it’s subscription of QuickBooks service or the service key of the QuickBooks product is invalid or outdated, QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 occurs. The error is displayed in a warning dialog box, stating ‘ [Error PS036] QuickBooks have encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for inconvenience.’ This shows that an error is prevailing in the system. Because of this error payroll updates is hampered, subscription is not validated, service key does not work and payroll processing becomes inactive. Most importantly the main problem caused by the Payroll Error PS036 is Payroll subscription is not verified the QuickBooks system.

There is a trouble verifying the subscription and new payroll can not be updated. The information which organization uses to pay there employees, carry out business operations and other activities like orders and purchases details can be updated timely which is required for smooth functioning. In this article, we will get through the causes, symptoms and remedies of how to identify and tackle the Payroll Error PS036.


It is important to fix this error because business operations can run smoothly. It is also important to timely update the information so that employees salaries won’t stuck and  business operations runs smoothly. Also if not early resolved, tax penalties will be put on the user because it doesn’t complies with the rules. So to resolve the Errors PS036, we will have a look at the comprehensive guide on this error.

Visible Symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

The symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 indicates that the performance of software system hinders. It results in various activities which are either not working or have lost their efficiency for example, slow down of computer system.

Take a closer look at the symptoms:-

  • You will not be able to download and install the payroll updates successfully.
  • A labelled dialog box stating the Error PS036 is displayed on the screen. This will happen when user try to update the Payroll or its subscription.
  • When you are not connected to the company file server side of other computer.
  • When you calculate the payroll data or make analyzes you will find information is incomplete.
  • Also there are verification issues of the Payroll Process system.
  • Due to this Error PS036, employees information won’t get updated and they are refrained from pay on time.

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Reasons for the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 is an error which is related to invalid service key or Payroll subscription not able to get updated. Due to this QuickBooks services won’t allow the user to access the payroll system. This system usually keeps track of employees attendance and information. Payroll Error PS036 causes delays in employee’s payment and disruption in business operations. Here we will take a closer look at the causes:-

  •  This error usually occurs when the payroll subscription is invalid or outdated and file is damaged, this is present in CPS folder.
  • When the multiple Payroll accounts accesses same company files for payroll system then the Error PS036 is occurred if some of them are inactive.
  • If the service key of the QuickBooks product is invalid or outdated, we can not access the Payroll system.
  • If the company file is damaged or corrupted, then the error persists. Also the company file PSID is no longer available, users can experience such errors. If the QuickBooks Utility document paysub.ini is corrupted or damaged then also company file is not accessible.
  •  If the version of the QuickBooks is not updated or invalid, Error PS036 occurs. Also if you don’t have valid license for QuickBooks Payroll product, then also error persists.
  • When Employee Identification Number (EIN) is not entered accurately, error prevails.

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Preventive Measures for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

  • Regularly update QuickBooks software to latest version and it’s essentials so to carryon with smooth functioning.
  • Be sure take accurate subscription and service key of the product to avoid Error PS036.
  • Keep a routine check for the company files and repair them if damaged in QuickBooks.
  • Always keep a backup of QuickBooks Payroll Data to ensure at the time of data lose , you can retrieve at a safer side.
  • Make sure EIN information is same as in the Payroll subscription you are using to maintain the records

Some Easy Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error PS036

After identifying symptoms and root causes of the Error PS036, we will resolve the errors through the remedial steps which will cure the problem. These steps are necessary for sleek functioning of the QuickBooks Payroll Service and there is no obstacle while updating important information. Here are some steps to resolve:-

Method 1: See is the QuickBooks Payroll subscription is active.

  • If not, download the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2024.
  • Also update the tax table.
  • Enter your QuickBooks account and check for rebooting the system and also download all the updates.
  • Check if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: As .ini is hidden file on windows, you need to change settings for windows folder.

Follow the steps:

  • Follow the given steps
  • Select My Computer > Organise.
  • Click on folder > search option > View tab.
  • Now you have to click on hidden files and folders and choose the show hidden files, folders, and drivers tab.
  • Select apply and ok button.
  • Now go back to my computer and search paystub.
  • When you find Paysub.ini right click and select rename option.
  • Rewrite file extension from .ini to .old.
  • Like this you can rename all Paystub files.

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Method 3: Download and install QuickBooks Tool hub.

  • Save file where easily accessible.
  • Run on screen prompts and agree to terms and conditions.
  • After installation, open the QuickBooks Tool hub.
  • Select program problems > choose Quick Fix My Program and update most recent tax table for payroll system.

Method 4: You need to remove EntitlementClient file to fix Error PS036.

Remove the EntitlementClient file by following these steps

  • Open Microsoft Start menu > Open Run by typing on search bar.
  • Now move to C:\ProgramDate\Intuit\EntitlementClient\V8 and press enter key.
  • If not able to show, look for C:\ProgramDate\Intuit\EntitlementClient\V6.
  • Search for entitlementdatastore.emcl, right click and delete the file.
  • Now launch QuickBooks and register again.

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Method 5: First you need to uninstall accounting program and then reinstall it.

  • For this, Open Start> Control Panel.
  • Select programs and go to features tab.
  • Click on QuickBooks and press uninstall/change tab to get accounting program uninstalled.
  • When uninstalled, re-start the system and try to reinstall it by following QuickBooks instructions.
  • Type correct licence and product key while registering and activation.

Let’s Conclude!

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 is always a tackling situation where your stored data is at risk because you can retrieve it from software server of QuickBooks. This is due to your subscription has expired or you are using an invalid subscription plan or service key of the product. When you see the above given symptoms are occurring in the Payroll Service system make sure you first find the root cause. When root cause is identified, it becomes easy to overcome the failures of system caused by Error PS036 by following troubleshooting process. Resolving enables to overcome the problem and helps to counter the situation efficiently. This the business operations are not hindered if you timely check the system and combat the problem when recognized.

But if still problem is not resolving, you can take the help of QuickBooks Error Support professionals by ringing a call at QuickBooks Support Number +1-844-926-4607 who with their 24*7 services will dig you out from the situation.

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