How to Resolve QuickBooks POS Error 176109

How to Resolve QuickBooks POS Error 176109?

POS (Point of Sale) in QuickBooks is a desktop software integrated feature that allows you to carry out business operations with ease.  It is a locally installed system which can handle all types of business needs, whether small or big. The POS provides services like payments, manage inventory, automated processes, real time orders and decisions, seamless shopping experience, etc. But when using this integrated feature, you are facing warning of:

‘Error: QuickBooks POS Error 176109’ with ‘Error Message: QuickBooks Error code 176109: Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number


The warning is displayed when there is issue in accessing and registering Point of Sale Application of QuickBooks. This indicates that there is a problem in authentication file of the product, or there may be limited access given by the administrator. The Product code of POS may be outdated, POS files are corrupted or need to be renewed. The user needs to read the article of brief guide for the POS Error 176109 and methods to resolve.

Causes of QuickBooks POS Error 176109

QuickBooks POS Error 176109 is error related to Point of Sale integrated application of QuickBooks which is responsible for sales, purchases and payments services and helps in tracking along with QuickBooks. Issue may be in POS wrong registry or invalid product number.  From this let us learn few causes responsible for the error:

  • The permissions required to access the POS application are restricted by the admin itself. You are required to provide access rights from authentic person(admin).
  • Second cause may be the wrong product key required for using POS services, you are using received while installing POS. This is Invalid Product Code or Invalid product Number.
  • Third cause is when your QuickBooks POS entitlement folder has files that are corrupted or damaged. You can recognize this by performing anti-malware scanning for specific files.
  • Lastly, it may be caused if you have entered wrong information like Product key, user information, transaction details, employees or Customer information, etc.

Key Points while Resolving QuickBooks POS Error 176109

Here are some key pointers you must follow before applying resolution steps for QuickBooks POS Error 176109:

  • For prevention from data loss of your QuickBooks Database and protecting business information, it is always recommended to keep latest company files backup before you are troubleshooting.
  • It is an important method of updating your QuickBooks as well as POS system to latest released versions so that there is no hinderance while your performing troubleshooting steps for fixing POS Error 176109.
  • You must unhide the entitlement folder of POS; this is because by default this folder is hidden. To unhide it, move towards the Windows Settings and modify it to show hidden files. You will able to see POS files in entitlement folder, though it was required if in case this folder needs deletion operation.

Fixing QuickBooks POS Error 176109

Ways for resolving QuickBooks POS Error 176109 are given below, follow carefully for optimum result:

Method 1: Deletion of Contents from POS Entitlement folder

If the POS product key Error 176109 encounters, then it is required to follow steps for deletion of contents.

For Windows 8 Steps are as follows

  • The initial step to delete contents for windows is to hit a click on Start button then head towards File Explorer.
  • Now the next required step is click on View menu on Menu ribbon and tick mark the hidden items.
  • Direct towards “C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8” from left pane and next step is to hit on delete for selected files.
  • Now when the above steps are done, reopen Point of Sale application, perform registration and other requirements asked for.

For Windows 7 and Vista Steps are as follows

  • When you have opened  File Explorer, you need to go to Organize tab then select the Folder.
  • After this the next procedure is to go to View > tap a click on Show hidden files option.
  • Now from the left pane move to the path: C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  •  Now again select the files for deletion operation, hit a click on Delete.
  • Now again open the POS integrated with QuickBooks for registry.

Method 2: Reinstalling QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Uninstall QuickBooks POS from Control Panel.
  • From the official site of Intuit download and Install recently released version of Point of Sale.
  • Now very next step is to see if any issue occurs, otherwise you need to repair the reinstalled POS.
  • Check if you entered Product & License number are right.
  • Relaunch Point of Sale to see if error is removed.

Method 3: Remove Entitlement Client Folder &Files


Follow the given points

  • QuickBooks POS entitlement folder has the files which ensure your credentials, product information and license are accessible and accurate. In the case of POS Error 176109 you need to re-enter product key and license number.
  • Find the location of C drive program files and folders then you must give path as C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  • As soon as the Entitlement folder opens up immediately press key together Ctrl +A for selection of all the files.
  • After your selection is highlighted hit a tap on Delete button on keyboard, click on Yes when prompt appears.
  • Finally relaunch your QuickBooks POS to check the error 176109 is resolved.

Method 4: Rename WS(Web Socket) Activity file

  • WS file is XML file for network operations, protocols, datatypes, etc. for renaming this file first step is to open the Window Explorer by tapping on Win+E keys together.
  • Direct your path address towards: C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\ Ini.
  • From the location you need to look out for WSActivity folder and from the dropdown menu list by right clicking on the folder, select rename option.  
  • Prefix OLD in the beginning of the WSActivity folder, the name will look like this : OLDWSActivity and Enter.
  • Now the final step is to exit from this and try to relaunch QuickBooks POS to see if POS Error 176109 is removed.

Method 5: Implement Clean Install of QuickBooks POS

Clean Installing tool provided by QuickBooks in Point of Sale for eliminating problems while facing during installation process. Here are some essential steps for Clean Install:

  • Initially you need to hit on the start button on Windows bar at the bottom and type the Control Panel to open the window of the following.
  • Very next step is to head towards Programs and Features > need to go to programs list, then click on QuickBooks Desktop Pont of Sale 18.0 > at last, select the Uninstall or Change from the following options.  
  • Lastly you need to follow the prompts coming while you are doing the process for same.
  • However, now you need to copy paste the Point-of-Sale data folder on you PC desktop and you are required to put a suffix .OLD as an extension for folder name.
  • The renaming will divert QuickBooks to identify this folder and it will automatically create a new POS data folder.

For deletion process of QBPOSDBSrvUSER, implement the steps:

  • Open Control Panel then move towards the head User Accounts > from there you need to select Manage another account.
  • Hit a click on Continue under the window of User Account.
  • Very next step is you are Required to choose QBPOSDBSrvUSER > now tap on Delete the account option for removing this file.
  • After you have successfully deleted the following file, now Reboot process you PC and reinstall QuickBooks POS application.

Final Note!

Alas! We have successfully come across the brief guide for Resolving QuickBooks POS Error 176109, which is actually an error related to invalid product key which is required to access Point of Sale application, an integration with QuickBooks. Following this guide will help you resolve the error efficiently. For more information you can talk with QuickBooks Error support on helpline number +1844-926-4607.

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