Fixation of QuickBooks Error code 1 0

Fixation of QuickBooks Error code (-1, 0) in QuickBooks Desktop

Taking a backup of your company files is one of the most important secondary tasks which you should keep adapting to. During times of data damage, Company backup can be recovered and the financial data can be saved. However, there are instances when users fail to create backup of their Company files in QuickBooks. Mostly, users have been reporting of QuickBooks Error code -1,0 when trying to save the Company file. Considering the importance of backing up the Company files, addressing this error becomes an indispensable task.

This article shall discuss the multiple wayout of fixing QuickBooks Error -1,0 in QuickBooks Desktop.

What causes QuickBooks Error code (-1,0)?

Mostly issues, including QuickBooks Error (-1,0) can pop up while backing up the Company file due to the following causes:

  • QuickBooks not being installed properly or some recently installed program damaged QuickBooks files.
  • Some virus found an entry into your system and damaged essential system files as well as the installation files of QuickBooks.
  • The system was not shut down properly or there was some power outage leading to a sudden shutdown.
  • Operating system related issue can also cause QuickBooks Error -1,0 in QuickBooks Desktop.

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What are the solutions to fix QuickBooks Error code (-1,0)?

This section discusses the multiple solutions that can help in the easy fixation of QuickBooks Error (-1,0). So start from the first solution and keep following up with the instructions contained in the next solutions if the first one fails to address the issue.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

Some technical issues or glitches might be persistent in the previous versions of QuickBooks due to which the QuickBooks Company Backup error (-1,0) might be showing up. So, it is better to go for instant QuickBooks update, the steps for which are discussed below:

  • The first move should be opening of QuickBooks Desktop as an admin.
  • When the accounting program is open, the step following that should be to click on the Help tab.
  • From there, the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop should be selected and this will open a new window for the same.
  • Here, click on Options and choose the Mark All option.
  • This should be followed by a click on Save and then select the Update Now option.
  • Also, you should ensure a selection of Reset update option as this will ensure a clean up of any previous updates, nullifying any chances of the error being caused due to the previous incomplete updates.
  • Now, go for the Get Updates tab and let the downloading take its time.
  • Once its done, you should restart QuickBooks and then allow the installation of the update.
  • QuickBooks will start soon after the completion of the update installation.

Solution 2: Going for a System Restore

Another option to fix/bypass QuickBooks Error is by trying to restore the system to an earlier state. The steps for the same are:

  • The first step should be clicking on the Start menu and then searching for Restore.
  • From here, the next move should be to click on System Restore.
  • The latest restore point should be chosen and then the Restore process should be initiated.
  • Once done, get the system restarted and try to restore the backup of the Company file in QuickBooks this time around. This has proven to be an effective measure to fix QuickBooks Error (-1,0), especially in cases where in the System restore reverted the system to a state before the installation of a suspected third party program.

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Solution 3: Leveraging the Verify and Rebuild Data Tool

This feature is in-build in QuickBooks utility and can be assessed as follows:

  • The initial step requires launching the QuickBooks program as usual and then going for the File menu.
  • From here, the Utilities option should be chosen and the option to Verify data should be clicked on.
  • Now, the next step should be a click on Ok to start the Verification of any data integrity issues.
  • If any issues are identified, then you should again venture into the Utilities option in the File menu, and from there click on Rebuild data option.
  • The rebuilding may take a while to complete. But, once, it is done, you need to check its effectiveness by clicking on the Verify data option again.
  • This time around no error should be showing up.

Winding up!

This blog briefed you with 3 practicable solutions for the rectification of QuickBooks Error code (-1,0) encountered while taking a backup of the company file(s). Hopefully the issue should now be resolved on your system. If you have any questions or are facing any problems related to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, you can talk to our QuickBooks ProAdvisors at the helpline _________________.

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