How to Open QBB, QBW, and QBX Files Without QuickBooks

How to Open QBB, QBW, and QBX Files Without QuickBooks?

Learn the procedure to open QuickBooks file without QuickBooks

Opening up a potential where you can access your QuickBooks files and not have to worry about the QuickBooks software completely controlling your files gives you the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and control. In this guide, the focus is on the specifics of. QBB, QBX, and . QBW files are also known as the support structures of QuickBooks as they facilitate most of your business’s activities. To do that, let’s discuss the various aspects or keys that can open your QuickBooks files and empower you to effectively manage the finances of your business. 

Before Opening QuickBooks Files Without QuickBooks 

Types of Files Used by QuickBooks 

QBB Files: These files contain your QuickBooks data backup, and this means that all your data is well protected in the event of a disaster or loss. These backup files are made up of letters and one of the extensions is the QBB.

QBX Files: If you hire an accountant, who in turn, needs data from the QuickBooks, then the. QBX files are useful Executed when performing DBA jobs and used while monitoring and reviewing logs on DBA jobs therefore, there is a need to have certain QBX files. All the information that the accountant’s copy has contains files that will facilitate collaborative accounting. 

QBW Files: The company file is indi­cated by the dot in the middle of the three letters such as. QBB, . QBX, . QBW extension is an essential component of QuickBooks where all crucial business data, images, logos, and correspondence are accumulated.

How to Open QBB File Without QuickBooks 

QBB(QuickBooks backup files)  files are copies of QBW files, which are backup files of QuickBooks’ company files. Follow these steps to open a QBB file without QuickBooks: 

  • To get started, on your computer first you need to launch the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • To get to QuickBooks and open the company file you are going to create the report from, you need to log into the company file first.
  • This choice is on the toolbar at the top left corner of the screen; in the menu bar click on File.
  • Select the option Open.
  • If the file is not found
  • Enter the extension of the file which is . QBB extension to find a company file
  • Going to the File option, click on Switch to single user mode.
  • Go to the File menu again.
  • Select Export.
  • For mac users go to File → Export, for windows users go to File → Export also then click on Send Report to new Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Then click OK.
  • Basically, your QuickBooks company file will be transferred to the Excel spreadsheet.
  • In excel sheet we see the File option by holding the right click on the mouse on that particular file we see the option.
  • To perform the save action, one needs to simply click the save button or save as type Excel Name if the file has to be saved with excel format in the local computer.
  • When carried out, enables the user to input a name for the file to be downloaded and also the path where it should be saved.
  • At last, click Save.

Understanding QBO and QBM Files:

The extension QBO files makes it possible to convert the balance sheet in one accounting program to the other, while the format essential to export and back up is QBM. Because each of the files is so crucial in keeping the data intact and accessible for the use of the organization, financial transaction between the different platforms are greatly reliant on the two files.

Opening QBO and QBM Files Without QuickBooks:

Getting to files QBO and QBM when QuickBooks is not running is possible by extracting data and converting files with help of file extensions editors. In this way, external manipulation of financial information is possible by transforming these files into the appropriate formats with the help of respective software other than QuickBooks.

How to Open QBW File Without QuickBooks 

QBW (QuickBooks for Windows) files contain vital accounting information. Here’s how you can open a QBW file without QuickBooks: 

  •  Open the Start menu. 
  •  Now, you need to find and double-click on the Intuit folder. 
  •  After that, select the option for QuickBooks to launch the application. 
  •  If required then insert the required username and password for the login process. 
  •  Choose the Excel file that you wish to save from QuickBooks. 
  •  At the top of the window, go to Customers, Vendors, and Employees
  •  Click on Customer Centre
  •  On the top of the screen tap on Excel; the QBW file will be loaded in the Excel sheet. 
  •  Select Export Excel and after that go to the Export tab and then export the file. 
  •  To open the above-mentioned QBW file without QuickBooks software, make sure you immediately use the most current versions of Excel and open it as you would normally. 
  • When the importing of the files is over then you are required to click on the DATA button on the toolbar. 
  •  Click on Other Resources
  •  The QBW file will be seen; double-click it to open. 
  •  Look for the file within the window and also within the Excel file search. 
  •  Upon finding it, right-click on the new QBW file to open it without QuickBooks, it will open for you.

How to Open QBX File Without QuickBooks 

QBX is the QuickBooks accountant copy and generally the QBX file opens in the QuickBooks only. Otherwise, to open it without QuickBooks software, it should be converted to another format with an extension. Follow these steps to convert and open the file:  

  •  Locate the QBX file. 
  •  Right-click on the item and click on Open with
  •  Once done with that select the Excel tab to open the file. 
  •  If this does not succeed, follow the next action to complete the procedure; open an Excel workbook
  •  This increases the effectiveness of the treatment method compared to other types of dentistry, go to the File menu. 
  •  After that you are required to select the Import button on this screen. 
  •  From other sources, choose an option that will help open the file. 
  •  Getting to the import page is easy
  • Just click on the import and choose the. QBB file. 
  •  Next to do is to convert the QuickBooks file to Excel. 
  •  Open the file having the extension QBB and try to access the file.


With the help of this information, it will be easier to master the work with QuickBooks without complete dependence on this application and deal with various types of files, being able to differentiate between Lakers and QB databases. This knowledge proves to be significant especially when dealing with problems that touch on software, like failure, bug, or freeze. 

In any case, if you encounter any difficulties or need additional help, the QuickBooks support team is always ready to help, night and day, as well as offer further solutions. You can contact them at toll free number +1-844-926-4607 for professional advice and solutions that are related to your case exclusively.

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